The West Australian Biogeochemistry Centre

Isotope applications for small biological samples

We investigate current problems in the application of stable isotope-based methods to questions in global change biology and ecology in marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

In doing so, we seek to build on the collective knowledge, skills and experience of all researchers and collaborators.

We focus on two key themes:

  1. Food source studies and analysis of marine and freshwater organisms (shellfish, crustaceans, fish through small invertebrates to the primary producers, seagrass and algae or higher plants) by analysis of blood and muscle, and shells as well as plant tissue for δ15N, δ13C and δ18O to explore trophic structure.
  2. Improved repeatability in preparation and analysis of plant material, organic matter (aquatic and terrestrial), water samples and decomposer organisms for ecophysiological and biogeochemical cycling studies at small scales.

Further information

(most recent listed first)
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